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YouTube removed 100k videos

YouTube deal with more than 100K video like a smart vacuum cleaner. The announcement was published on the YouTube official blog on September 3rd 2019 about initial figures of switched of 17K YouTube channel, remove 100K video and, remove 500K Comments.

This action reflect YouTube hate speech policy which was introduced in early June. The company committed to fire every videos that violate YouTube policy using machine learning technology to catch harmful content before it’s ever viewed by users in addition Google has tasked 10,000 people company-wide with detecting, reviewing, and removing content that violates YouTube’s guidelines.

This report from YouTube is the first in what will be four installments or iI call it (4Rs) which is dedicated to the company’s major principles:
Remove content that violates policies
Raise up authoritative voices
Reward eligible creators
Reduce the spread of borderline content
2018 YouTube removed 7.85 million videos and 1.67 million channels between July and September, according to its latest YouTube Community Guidelines.

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