“Near me” Has hot rank as an online user search term

Google My Business - Near me

There is concept in Real Estate business which is “It’s About Location”. Now this sounds became vital digital factor.
During the previous years there are a lot of changes happen through massive number of studies and, researches that had been created by Search engines specially “Google” and, Social media platforms as well. Focusing on evolve and optimize users online search results which is based on user recent location and type of device he/she is using.

optimize your online Campaigns ROI through Google analytics

With the ongoing rise of mobile searches and “micro-moments”, we find searches including the term “near me” are becoming more and more commonplace.
According to Think with Google report, every month people visit 1.5 billion destinations related to an online search they were earlier did.
As Digital advertiser, SEO specialist, Marketing Manager or Business Owner this changes has direct and instance effect on your revenue and ROI.
Last September 3rd Google My Business has new update aimed to enhance users’ online decision by automatically remove the last remaining distance-based service and convert the recent services to the closest named areas.
This is not a sudden change, as Google has  been in the process of phasing out distance-based service areas since last November 2018.

GMB Account Structured to include multi-location associated with the brand name. Under business location, you can add numbers of services and products list.
Go now to your GMB account and follow the steps below to update your Location-based service:-
Sign in to Google My Business.
From the menu, click Info.
In the service area section, click Edit.
Enter the service area information, which can be based on region, city, or ZIP code.
Click Apply.

If your business like (Car ServiceRestaurantRetail Franchise/Branch) this update will be interesting to optimize your audience learning curve and user online action by announce about distance-based available service/Products through your GMB account.

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