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Are you a Conversions / SEO ranking hungry?
You are invited to collect some apples from Linkedin garden!
Last June 26 LinkedIn announced new updates which may help you and me to fulfill our result hunger which are :-
1- To help pages generate leads and measure results.
LinkedIn launched a custom “CTA” buttons close to “follow” button in your LinkedIn page which can be set up to drive action in 5 different ways. (Contact us | Learn more | Register | Sign up | Visit website).
Actually I found the “Visit Website” button like Red-Apple flavor, Traffic hungry!

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2- Discover which most content members are engaging with. That will be an interesting tool for SEOs who are curious to measure the most potential and ranked topics that people likes and engage with. A)Content Suggestion” which is a little bit similar to Google Trends. Find it on the LinkedIn admins page. select a few options to discover most engaging topics by(Region which is related to a certain industry and job seniority)

B) using “#” before  your  search term into the Linkedin search box to discover most recent topics that most relevant.

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