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Growth Marketing vs Growth Hacking

Growth Marketing is a marketing strategy for startups, new business, and entrepreneur who has a new idea to launch.The growth marketing goal is to build the business community by reaching the maximum number of audience and followers as fast as possible in a very limited budget.
First, you need to get people to be aware of your brand, and that can happen on “Brand Awareness 1 to 1”
Attention, What I should do to reach Growth Marketing Goal?
You should start the advertising process or, hire a Growth Marketing expert? 
The GM expert will help you reach your recent stage goals by testing channels for their most successful metrics “acquisition (CA[metric])” in order to find the best way to achieve “Growth Marketing Goals”.

so, What is Growth Hacking
Simply, “Growth Hacking” is finding an underutilized strategy for acquiring [your core metric/Main goal] at an unexpectedly low cost per acquisition (CPA).
means, when you decide to hire a growth hacking expert, you should find a person who able to present an updated portfolio of the same industry in the same region of your operation.

Take Notes:- 
Growth marketing is a broader concept, whereas growth hacking is literally executing a specific tactic, on a specific channel.
Growth Marketing and Growth Hacking strategy are like any fashion, The styles and methods are updating between time to time as per user behavior and industry competition level.

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