google ads June retirement announce list

Google ads remove automated bidding

Google ads scheduled June 2019 will be the last time that players able to see Target Search Page Location & Target outrank share metrics in the bidding list selection.
May 28.2019 was the last announcement by “Sagar Shah” Google Ads Product Manager,
Target Impression share” will be in charge of removed metrics function efficiently and, offers more flexible and granular controls to optimize your desired impression share and search page location.
Additionally, it will match the updates of Avg.Pos retirement which was announced last Feb 26, 201

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New bidding model target impr share will give the advertiser 3 powerful chooses to select:
– Anywhere on result page (means above or below organic result)
Top of result page (means ads appear on result above organic results)
Absolute top of result page (first result above organic results)
The layer that control the advertising mission are 3-selection:-
A) Where do you want your ads to appear (Any where on the page result – Top of page result – Absolute top of page result).
B) Percent (%) impression share to target which means “How many time you are targeting to display your ads in the search results by the way you selected”.
C) Maximum CPC bid limit.

🌵 note
Existing campaigns still using removed strategies will automatically be migrated to the target impression share strategy.
Don’t set this limit too low. otherwise it can prevent your ad from reaching your impression share goal.

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