Transfer valuable google ads actions into GOOGLE ANALYTICS GOALS

Google analytics smart goals
Digital marketing revolution and daily updates happen require every professional advertiser like you to keep his/her eye on tools which occasionally use. are you still not sync Google Analytics Smart Goals to your Google Ads account? let’s try it 🚀 it’s useful tool that gives you an estimate of potential and valuable future transactions that may happen during certain period and CPA estimation.

to start configure Google Analytics Smart Goals to Google Ads. please follow below notes:-
1- Smart goals are not a configurable or able to customize like normal goals.
2- only one smart goal available per view.
3- Smart goals will take up 1 of the 20 available goal slots (like any other goal).
4- Smart goals are currently only available for website views.

5- Smart goals are not available for views that receive more than 1 million hits per day.
6- Smart goals do not support the view through conversions (vtcs) or cross-device conversions in google ads.
7- Your Google Ads account must have sent at least 500 clicks to the selected Analytics view over the past 30 days before you can set up Smart Goals.

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