Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

Conversion Rate optimization
Yesterday i got a call from start-up e-commerce founder asking me a usual question which i have been heard a lot of time from recruiters and business owners, “how to do conversions rate optimization or what is the process should take to do a conversion rate optimization?” my response was “valid question” 👌 however, before starting to point my answers. I would like to mention some points especially for the minds who thinking more in hard selling rather than go through the funnel or build a solid brand.

optimize your online Campaigns ROI through Google analytics

Conversion Rate optimization it couldn’t be a single task rather than  an ongoing process built based on fundamental and technical goals factors. Bottom line successful entities committed to the culture of non-stop experimentation’s, Using all Marketing channels(Organic – Paid) in reaching and re-targeting stages and, continuously monitor and analyze user behavior in every touch point for UX optimization purposes.

🌵 are you looking for a real example? I will share a good model,
enter now “” then you will realize the above lines at your online browsing. Jumia will try to track you in most online portals you are checking or via mobile applications.
conversion rate optimization process has no end!

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